Vaughn Miller
Occupation: Student
First appearance: "Social Psychology"
Portrayer: Eric Christian Olsen

'Vaughn Miller is an often-shirtless, earth-friendly mellow student with tiny nipples and is the lead singer of a rock band at Greendale Community College. A frequent hacky sack and Ultimate Frisbee player, he has had several notable interactions with the show's main characters, as he initially dated Britta and was in a band with Pierce. Though he at first seems very laid back and peaceful, he started writing popular hate songs about Britta and Pierce after his relationships with them turned sour. However, he and Annie began a relationship, much to the bemusement of Jeff, Britta, and Troy and later, Shirley. At the end of the first season, he transfers to a community college in Delaware because of their strong hacky sack athletic program, and Annie initially decided to join him there before changing her mind.