"Introduction to Film"
Directed by: Anthony Russo
Written by: Tim Hobert & Jon Pollack
Original air date: October 1, 2009
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"Spanish 101"
"Social Psychology"


Jeff signs up for a class after hearing it was an easy A. Professor Whitman (John Michael Higgins), tells him all they have to do is "seize the day" to receive an A. Jeff encourages the rest of the study group to join. When they ask Abed if he would like to join, he mentions his dad will only pay for classes that will facilitate Abed running the family falafel business. Britta, appalled, writes a check for Abed to take his dream class: filming. The next day Abed highly enjoys his new class and begins to film a documentary about his father. His father, Gobi, arrives and scolds Britta for undermining his authority. After arguing awhile, he tells them that it's now her responsibility to raise Abed. Abed recasts the role of his father to Jeff. Jeff tries to impress Professor Whitman by "seizing the day" by wearing a goofy outfit in the cafeteria and later flying a kite, but the Professor sees through his attempt to take advantage of the system and tells him he's truly not living in the moment. Britta comfortably provides an allowance for Abed, now as his guardian. She is pleased with the arrangement until Abed begins skipping classes and spending his allowance recklessly, all the while filming everyone around him. When Jeff tries to reunite Abed with his father, the film student shows them the finished product, which communicates that he feels he is to blame for his mother's abandoning the family. Gobi is moved to tears by this film, makes atonement with his son, and agrees to pay for the classes, realizing his son needs an outlet, and this is the only way he can be understood. Jeff and Britta walk outside, with Britta admitting she owes Jeff for not adhering when he was right, and pulls him in for a long kiss in the courtyard. Whitman sees this and grants Jeff an A+. Britta tells Jeff they are now even.