Jeff meets Abed at a fine dining establishment for the latter's birthday while the rest of the study group waits at the diner Britta works at in costume for a Pulp Fiction themed party. At the diner Abed explains how he got a spot as an extra on Cougar Town (in the season 2 finale for Cougar Town Danny Pido in character as Abed can clearly be sen as an extra in one scene) where he had created another persona named Chad. At the end of the shoot Abed poops his pants as Chad had died. He continues to explain that like Chad, the Abed who used pop culture to interact with others was no more. Jeff tries to get him to the diner and argues that all people lie all the time and admits that he called a phone sex line pretending to be 400 pounds so that she would his weight did not matter as he is afraid no one will like him if he is over weight.

At the diner Chang and Troy open up the briefcase that Jeff got for Abed discovering that it contained a letter of authenticity indicating that it is the actual briefcase from Pulp Fiction. Britta catches them looking inside the briefcase and Troy puts back the letter of authenticity which catches fire on a lightbulb placed inside to make the case glow. Chang calls Troy a bad friend, Troy attacks Chang resulting in Britta being fired and the diner being damaged.

Back at the diner, Jeff discloses an embarrassing story about Halloween as a youth which clearly makes Abed uncomfortable. Pierce bursts in to the dinner dressed as the Gimp. The maitre d comes over and reveals Jeff's dinner with Abed was Abed's "homage" to My Dinner With Andre, a movie about two men having a conversation. Jeff becomes furious with Abed for sucking in to another meta experience. The rest of the group shows up at the restaurant and Jeff storms out. He goes to the diner to pay $1200 for the damages and Britta gets her job back, however the owner counters with $800 and Britta stays fired which Jeff accepts. Abed shows up and explains that Jeff shouldn't feel too bad as the briefcase was likely rather common. He then proceeds to explain that his Dinner homage was not to make him feel better but rather for Jeff, explaining that My Dinner With Andre is about a guy who has an unexpectedly enjoyable dinner with a weird friend he has been avoiding. Abed asks Jeff to go back and pay the bill as he can't afford it. At the restaurant Abed has arranged for the study group to be there for his party with Jeff doing a voice over explaining he will never forget his "Dinner With Andre dinner with Abed"