Craig Pelton
Occupation: Dean
First appearance: "Pilot"
Portrayer: Jim Rash

Dean Craig Pelton was an educator at Greendale Community College for 10 years, and has been dean for four years. He desperately wants his school to be more like a real university and thus he strives to better the school, often asking favors of the students and trying to earn popularity. He also goes to strenuous and excessive lengths to seem politically correct and is responsible for changing the school's team name from the Greendale Grizzlies to the Greendale Human Beings. However acts such as these only further his candid racism and prejudices as he states that the primary reason for the title change was that "most of these people have been called animals their entire lives". He also often uses Jeff to improve the school's fledgling extra-curricular programs, pressuring him to join the debate team, edit the school's newspaper, and convince Troy to play quarterback for the football team. Among other hints at sexual proclivities such as bisexuality, he has had a growing fetish for people in dalmatian costumes, which he believes he has pursued in secrecy, but seems to be common enough knowledge to the students and faculty.