Britta Perry
Occupation: Student
First appearance: "Pilot"
Portrayer: Gillian Jacobs

Britta Perry is a twenty-eight year old woman attending Greendale after a somewhat aimless, varied career life. She dropped out of high school because she thought it would impress Radiohead. She then joined the Peace Corps, did some foot modeling, and got tear gassed at a World Trade rally. She then got her G.E.D. and enrolled in Greendale.

She is often the voice of reason within the group but is often mocked by fellow members for her excessively pronounced East Coast sensibilities. Notably, the group makes fun of her for pronouncing the word "bagel" strangely, and for being a vegetarian. Additionally, while the group appreciates the role she plays, they sometimes refer to her as the group's least fun member, something Britta initially bridled at but has since learned to take in stride.

Although she has unceasingly tried to portray a lack of romantic interest in Jeff, one episode shows she may have recently given in to secret feelings for him. She eventually sleeps with him during a prolonged paintball match and later embarrasses herself by publicly admitting her love for him. Nevertheless, this embarrassing moment makes her surprisingly more popular at the beginning of her second year by giving her a reputation for fearlessness. Britta and Jeff like to think of themselves as the group's mom and dad, and often assume they know what is best for their friends; this dynamic of their relationship is explored in several episodes.