Abed Nadir
Occupation: Student
First appearance: "Pilot"
Portrayer: Danny Pudi

Abed Gobi Nadir is a trilingual (English, Arabic, and Polish) Palestinian American pop-culture junkie who aspires to become a director and is currently taking film directing classes at Greendale Community College. His original plan was to take business classes at Greendale to eventually help run his father's falafel restaurant, but this became his backup plan when Britta inspired him to switch professions. His role in the group is something of the underdog. While he has emotion and sympathy for his new friends, he speaks with a rather detached and emotionless tone, leading some of his friends to suspect he has Asperger syndrome.

Despite his odd social behavior, Abed seems to glean certain insights on life by comparing his life to various television shows and movies. This talent translates into him usually meta referencing their lives in relation to the show, by commenting on the dynamic of the characters together, their story lines, and can sometimes predict exactly what they will do at a given time. Sometimes he uses this gift and combines it with his ability to personify anyone he chooses, and uses this ability to help his friends work out their mental baggage. He also possesses many hidden talents that usually go overlooked such as being deceptively athletic and coordinated.

Abed and Troy share a uniquely close friendship, leading others in the group to comment on their "weird little relationship"; the closing credit sequence is almost always about them filming skits or pulling pranks together. Abed initially hurt Troy's feelings at the end of Season 1 by making it clear he didn't want them to be roommates, but he later said that he didn't want to ruin their friendship by living together.